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Title 1 School Clinics & Programs

Sports provides healthy opportunities to learn skills, take risks, and achieve goals. Combining sports in education can help students to develop a self-motivating spirit to do things on their own and having ownership of these opportunities. Beyond Sports partners with qualified coaches from local clubs and organizations to provide clinics and opportunities to play a variety of sports. We partner with local colleges and university athletes to provide role models and connect the importance of academics with athletics. Our programs help support the overall experience for students, teams and athletic programs at Title 1 schools in Guilford and Forsyth County. 


Our goal is to introduce a variety of sports at the elementary level to encourage kids to find their passion and participate in sports. We partner with local sports organizations and NC A&T student athletes to provide a fun environment and mentors and coaches that the kids can look up too. 

  • Exposure to Sports: Offering a once a week clinic for 6 weeks during the school day/recess that brings in professional coaching, student athlete mentors & equipment to teach and expose students to a variety of sports.
  • Building Skill Level in a New Sport:  Supporting after school clubs for students interested in building mastery with a small group.
  • Building Staff Capacity: To encourage and support students in diverse team sports. Providing equipment for recess and games for them to help encourage and support sport activities.
  • Supporting School Initiatives and Activities: Helping with incentive days, field trips, field days and initiatives to encourage school participation and spirit.
  • Supporting Opportunities to Play: Service projects to improve school play spaces and equipment for classes for recess. Creating intentional play  for rewards for positive behavior and school incentive programs.


For many middle schoolers this is the first opportunity to play a team sport .Most middle school sports are coached by teachers with little to no experience with the sport. Our goal is to provide positive support both for the players and coaches to help make the experience more enjoyable! 

  • Pre-Tryout Clinic and Equipment Distribution: Offering clinics prior to each middle school sport tryout to encourage students new to the sport to learn basic skills and distribute necessary equipment to participate.
  • Support the Coach: Provide the necessary sports equipment and coaching resources for practices.
  • Help establish a booster club: Educate the importance piece of sustained  support of athletics in middle school.
  • Help with home game volunteers:  Volunteers are a key to the game experience for the athletes and a huge support to the coaches and school. Running the clock, keeping the score, working the gate and concessions are just a few of the ways we can support Title 1 Schools.
  • A school improvement service project to increase opportunities to play
  • Help create new After School Sports Clubs and Activities: Grow participation in a variety of sports to prepare students for additional sport opportunities at High School.


We know health and wellness are challenges in everyone’s life and become greater challenges when impacted by food insecurity and poverty. We want to provide equity around these resources for our students. Beyond Sports will help us provide this equity for our students and give them a broader lens through which to view health and wellness. We know that when students are active they are more engaged in learning and have more positive associations with school. We feel Beyond Sports can help us build that for our students. – Washington Montessori Elementary School.

We are so appreciative of the opportunity to partner with Beyond Sports. Our 3rd, 4th and 5th grade students have thoroughly enjoyed their sessions with you, and I am grateful for the exposure they’ve gained to new sports they may have otherwise never experienced. We appreciate your commitment to enriching our students’ lives and building character through sports. Thank you! Meredith Boger Principal Johnson Street Elementary

Current Title 1 School Partners

15 Elementary Schools

  • Bessemer (Greensboro) 
  • Cone (Greensboro) 
  • Falkener (Greensboro) 
  • Hunter (Greensboro) 
  • Washington (Greensboro) 
  • Fairview (High Point)
  • Johnson Street (High Point)
  • Kirkman Park (High Point)
  • Montlieu (High Point)
  • Northwood (High Point)
  • Oak Hill (High Point)
  • Oak View (High Point)
  • Shady Brook (High Point)
  • Cook (Winston Salem) 
  • Easton (Winston Salem)

8 Middle Schools

  • Allen (Greensboro)
  • Swann (Greensboro)
  • Jackson (Greensboro)
  • Hairston (Greensboro)
  • Hope Academy (Greensboro)
  • Welborn (High Point)
  • Ferndale (High Point)
  • Winston Salem Prep (Winston Salem)

Volunteer With Us!

Follow our page to see a variety of opportunities to be involved in sports and service projects through Beyond Sports NC. Elementary clinics, field days, special events, service projects and supporting middle school sports. You can commit to single dates, the whole series or even just a time slot! A variety of sports and games will be introduced, no need to have knowledge of the sport, just a desire to mentor and have fun with the kids!